Thursday, May 31, 2007

Weaver's Cove LNG is Dead

The recent letter from US Coast Guard Captain Roy A. Nash, Captain of the Port of Providence and Southeastern New England, denies a critical certificate and effectively seals the fate of Weaver's Cove LNG. (Read the letter at Despite Weaver's Coves' spokes-flac's comments that they plan to press on, it now seems impossible that Hess' vision of a massive LNG facility in Fall River will come to be.

While we are not opposed to LNG in general, the Taunton River is too fragile, ecologically important, and crowded a waterway to support a facility of this scale. The dredging alone would have severe and permanent impacts on the river bed and marine life. We urge Hess and Weaver's Cove to try again and propose a different location for and LNG port that is not as sensitive or as densely populated.

More importantly, it is now time to press forward with plans to designate the Taunton River as a National Wild and Scenic River. Legislation has once again been introduced in this year's Congress to do this, and Save The Bay is profoundly grateful to Representatives McGovern, Frank, and Senator Kerry for doing it. We also commend Rhode Island's delegation, particularly Senators Reed and Whitehouse and Congressman Kennedy for their work on behalf of the Taunton River. This is not a NIMBY game as some like to say. It's about having a vision for what we DO want our rivers and coastline to be. We want the Taunton to be beautiful and ecolgically-sound forever and we want to keep it as a regional and national treasure. Now that Weaver's Cove LNG is in the recycle bin of bad ideas, it's time to move to secure Wild and Scenic for the Taunton. -JT

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