Thursday, September 27, 2007

Salt Pond Kayak Safari this Saturday, September 27th

Salt Ponds Coalition, our partners in conservation for Rhode Island's South County Coast, are hosting this great paddle on Point Judith Pond (where I spent summers as a kid and still do). I'll be there to give some perspective and provide support for the Coalition. -JT

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mark Bullinger

Salt Ponds Coalition Executive Director

Salt Ponds Coalition to Host Guided Kayak Outing on Point Judith Pond
Fun and Informative with Expert Interpretation

CHARLESTOWN—The Salt Ponds Coalition (SPC) will sponsor an interpretive kayak trip on Point Judith Pond on Saturday September 29th, starting at the Marina Park boat launch (just off of Route 1 at the South County Hospital exit) in South Kingstown. The group will meet at the launch ramp at 8:30am and the plan is to get underway by 9:00am.

During the paddle, noted historian, naturalist, and author Prentice Stout, will point out places of interest and discuss the history of the pond. Art Ganz, a retired marine biologist, will talk about the pond environment with a focus on shellfish. John Torgan, Narragansett BayKeeper and seasonal resident of Point Judith Pond, will discuss conservation issues and describe the fishing fleet in the Harbor of Refuge. Pond Watcher Steve Endres will describe the process by which SPC monitors water quality in the pond. And, an expert on birding will offer insight on the pond and salt marsh habitat and point out interesting subjects encountered along the way.

"These trips are great fun," said Art Ganz, President of Salt Ponds Coalition and founder of the SPC kayak trips. "We will enjoy a leisurely paddle on a beautiful stretch of water and hear from people who know a lot of interesting facts about the ponds." Paddlers of all abilities are welcome, as are canoes, as long as they are able to safely navigate the local conditions. The trip will cover the upper section of the pond and will avoid areas of high boat traffic. The trip should be over around noon. For more information, please visit, or call 401-322-3068. SPC recommends participants bring sun block, drinking water, appropriate safety gear, and, of course, the boat and paddle of their choice.

Rain/high-wind/fog date is October 6th.

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The Salt Ponds Coalition (SPC) was incorporated in 1986 with the objective of protecting and preserving the nine coastal ponds along Rhode Island's south coast. The mission of the Coalition is to educate the residents of the salt-ponds watershed area on issues relating to the health of the ponds; act as a conduit between citizens of our coastal communities and state and federal governments; implement programs to enhance the environment of the salt ponds; and make the Coalition's ecosystem experience available to other organizations. SPC welcomes new members to join in the effort to protect the salt ponds.
For more information on joining the SPC, please visit or call 401-322-3068

Salt Ponds Coalition
PO Box 875, Charlestown, RI 02813