Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Latest on Weaver's Cove LNG

As readers of this blog know, we are fighting a proposal by Hess/Weaver's Cove LNG to construct a Liquefied Natural Gas tanker offloading platform in the middle of Mount Hope Bay.

We are against this for three main reasons:

1) Environmental: The project's construction and operations will have permanent and irreversible impacts on Mount Hope Bay and the Taunton River through dredging, sediment disposal, and other impacts related to operations.

2) Public Trust/Use Conflicts: The project will become the dominant feature of Mount Hope Bay, and the security zones around the incoming tankers will preclude all other uses- commercial, recreational, and otherwise- of this extraordinarily intensively-used waterway that extends down the East Passage to the ocean. It is completely out of scale with any other port, shipping, or energy operation in the region and would effectively privatize the Bay for a sole beneficiary.

3) Safety/Suitability: The Coast Guard is presently preparing a letter of recommendation (which could be positive or negative) on the suitability of the waterway for this kind of use. It is our strong view that the waterway is unsuitable and that this use would endanger other boaters and coastal communities in the vicinity of the project. Other groups including the coastal municipalities and the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts have raised concerns regarding safety and security around the project and we share those concerns. Our focus now, however, is to urge the Coast Guard to deny the waterway suitability certificate based on the threat to navigation safety of all the others who use and enjoy the Bay.

We've been at this now for nearly a decade, and some are growing tired of the fight. See, for example, the article in today's Fall River Herald:

As I've said before- we're in this for the long haul. For as long as it takes, we will question the wisdom of this project and work to promote sustainable, safe, and appropriate alternatives to this ill-conceived project. JT


  1. Susan Maloney4:25 AM

    Don't give up,John. We support your efforts and are keeping up the fight from Bristol. The public seems to be oblivious to the long range destruction of our pristine Bay, and the price they will pay for this reprehensible and dangerous plan. We all have to be diligent in making the public more aware and mobilizing them to take action against Lng and Hess Oil.
    Thank you for your efforts.
    Susan Maloney
    Bristol, RI

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I think this would be a great project. It cleans up the brown field where the site will be. It will bring in huge tax dollars that are much needed. Contrary to what you all say, LNG is very safe....much safer than the Propane tank that is attached to your BBQ grill (which I bet is real close to your house, but your familiar with it so it doesn't scare you any more) Try working with the builder and build something you can live with and makes you feel safe, instead of just saying no.

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Keep up the fight! This thing has no place being where they want it to be. Save our bay!!!