Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts on Offshore Wind and The Ocean SAMP

Save The Bay strongly supports renewable energy when it is properly sited and appropriately scaled to the surrounding community. Our position is not categorical- not every renewable project is a good one- and the details are always important.

We are actively engaged in the state’s Ocean Special Area Management Plan (SAMP) process, which was formed by the Coastal Resources Management Council to study and eventually zone and regulate the potential future uses of Rhode Island’s coastal waters for different uses-including wind generators.

While no governmental process is a panacea, we believe the SAMP represents a sound approach that gathers valuable scientific data and considers the input of a wide range of stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for the future.

Save The Bay will not end-run the SAMP process and take a position for or against any hypothetical project within its study area. First we need the hard facts, then we can undertake a meaningful analysis of environmental risks, potential benefits, and any trade-offs on existing or future uses.

The SAMP process does not and cannot take the place of applicable state and federal regulation and permitting. Our main goal at this point is to ensure that the process is transparent, open, considers and works to obtain the best possible scientific information.

We also want to be sure that existing users, including the commercial and recreational fishing communities as well as waterfront municipalities, are explicitly included in the decision making process and never marginalized.

We are committed to bringing our best talent- legal, scientific, advocacy, and educational resources, to the table. And we’re in it for as long as it takes to get good information and make good policy that benefits the Bay and its people. JT

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