Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Support Parking at Public Access Rights of Way

The RI House of Representatives will have a floor vote tomorrow on a measure that would require cities and towns to provide some public parking at designated rights of way. This is an important issue and I urge you all to support this by contacting your representatives and letting them know you want to see it pass. I'm attaching the action alert distributed by the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers' Association below. Thanks for helping support public access!



We constantly urge anglers to get off their duffs to do something important and here is a perfect opportunity.

PUBLIC ACCESS (RIGHT OF WAY) to the shore is a right of all citizens, but we all know that most of the ROW's in this state are nulled because there are "NO PARKING" signs all around them.

RISAA has supported legislation introduced by Rep. Peter Kilmartin which would mandate that all cities and towns PROVIDE PARKING at all designated Rights of Way in their towns. We collected over 1,000 signatures on a petition at the fishing show in April.

This legislation has PASSED COMMITTEE!

It now goes for a vote before the full HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES on WEDNESDAY, but we need your help to get it passed.

In part:
"(iv) In conjunction with this subdivision, every state department controlling state-owned land close to or adjacent to designated rights-of-way shall set out the land, or so much of the land as it deems necessary for public parking, and every city and town that owns land, including, but not limited to, public streets, close to or adjacent to CRMC designated rights-of-way shall set out the land, or so much of the land, as it deems necessary for public parking."

Complete bill is here:

to write a quick email to your state representative.

As a resident of your district, I am asking that you vote to SUPPORT
H.5336 (sponsor: Rep. Kilmartin) when it comes up for a vote before the House of Representatives this Wednsday.
Public access to the Rhode Island shoreline continues to diminish every year. This is a chance to help ensure that citizens are able to use the shore that belongs to everyone.

(be sure to sign your name and address)

Find your state Rep here:

Just click on the name and it will take you to their page to easily send an email.


Steve Medeiros
Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
6 Arnold Road, Coventry, RI 02816
office: 401-826-2121

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