Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Narragansett Bay Loses A Champion: Steve Insana

Sunday morning, Stephan P. Insana of Warwick, passed away suddenly in his sleep. Steve was the founder and first President of the Buckeye Brook Coalition in Warwick. He was an old and loyal friend of mine and of Save The Bay's. We are all shocked and saddened by this tremendous loss.

Steve was a passionate and effective advocate. He had a powerful personality, was always enthusiastic, and totally committed to helping others. My greatest memory of Steve was one day in the Spring of 2002, when he called me down to Warwick to show me the phenomena of thousands of river herring at every bend of Buckeye Brook. He was whooping and hollering with joy at the sight of it!

I'm confident that the movement Steve built and the people he reached will carry on his legacy and will always keep going strong. We're committed to that. And no one will ever pass by Buckeye Brook again without thinking of him. -JT


  1. Mary Grady6:17 PM

    Steve was one of a kind, and his sudden death is a loss not only to his family but the entire community... and most especially his beloved Buckeye Brook. Anyone who spent an hour or two on the banks of that little brook with Steve will never look at it the same way again. I'm sure his spirit will live on there...

  2. Well put, as usual, JT. It was an honor knowing Steve; so many people will always remember his energy and passion. No doubt he inspired many who will sustain his stewardship.

  3. My sincere love and prayers are being sent to Steve's family and his mother Irene, sister Lori.. I have been a longtime friend. So sad to hear this about one special person, I will long remember.