Friday, March 12, 2010

See Through The LNG Spin

I was glad to see that no one, other than those with a vested interest, believed Gordon Shearer, CEO of Hess LNG in his gratuitous rant before the RI Senate LNG Commission Tuesday.

Even the Providence Journal, which does its best to cheerlead the project from the editorial page, couldn't help but note that Hess stood alone there in support of it.

Shearer says his project will lower gas prices. Bogus. He has absolutely no control over that and can't back it up. His projections are all totally self-serving and skewed.

He says the standard Coast Guard security exclusion zones used in Narragansett Bay for LPG vessels won't necessarily apply to Hess. Again, who cares what Hess figureheads have to say about this?! They have nothing to do with that decision. We'll listen to the Coast Guard, thank you.

Go ahead, attack this on LNG fact check. No one believes you. -JT

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