Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing Baykeeper Videos

Blogs are always greatly improved by photos and videos, so today, I'm going to experiment with posting a few videos from my new HD Flip video camera.

South County Coastkeeper and Narragansett Baykeeper got these cameras at a deep discount as part of a deal through Waterkeeper Alliance with Flip.

We have a great view of the Providence River and Upper Narragansett Bay here at the Save The Bay Center in Providence. This was the view this morning:

Also, at this morning's staff meeting, a Northern harrier buzzed the windows of the Board room:

The video's grainy, I know- I'll try to get some better shots of it. Still, this is remarkable, as this bird is on the Rhode Island Endangered Species list. We've seen this one here almost daily for the past couple of months.

Here's another quick one of the harrier I grabbed out of my car window later in the day...

I'll bring you more videos as the spring progresses here... Enjoy! JT

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