Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks and Credit Where Due for LNG Victory

Dear Friends,

The news of Hess/Weaver Cove LNG's withdrawal of their Fall River proposal spread quickly yesterday, and our phones rang off the hook with media calls and messages from friends and supporters. Thank you all so much for your support of Save The Bay throughout this 8 year battle.

While there are way too many individuals and organizations to thank without this blog sounding like an academy awards speech, Save The Bay wishes to recognize a few of our strongest allies:

RI Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse: You are champions of our environment and your work on this issue was outstanding! Rhode Island is so lucky to be represented by you.

Congressmen Jim Langevin and David Cicilline: Thank you for your strong support and unwavering commitment!

Congressman Patrick Kennedy, we remember your work on this and we are grateful.

Massachusetts Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown: Your constituents are proud and we are all honored by your work on this issue. Your bipartisanship and passion for the Bay are exemplary.

Senator Ted Kennedy, this outcome honors your memory. We wish you were here to see this day.

Massachusetts Congressmen Frank, McGovern, and Delahunt: Your work in Congress and on the streets of Southeastern Massachusetts was extraordinary and brilliant. Rhode Island owes you a debt of gratitude.

Governors Chafee, Patrick, and former RI Governor Carcieri: Thanks and congratulations for your work on this.

Attorneys General Kilmartin and Coakley and former RI Attorney General Patrick Lynch: Excellent work, and thanks for putting the public's interests ahead of corporate interests.

The City of Fall River: Mayor Flanagan, former Mayor Lambert, the City Council and attorneys Dianne Phillips and Steve Torres: Thanks for leading this fight and for giving Fall River a reason to be proud of its waterfront. There's a bright future ahead for your great city.

The Town Council of Bristol: Bristol was a leader in this from the beginning, with an exceptional wealth of smart, active, and engaged citizens. Yours was a shining example of what a town can do when it calls on its best people and resources.

Representative Ray Gallison: Rep Gallison, thanks for all you've done for Rhode Island's environment. Your leadership on LNG in the assembly was admirable. Thanks!

The Town of Jamestown: Jamestown was another exceptionally effective municipality at many levels in this fight. The LNG Threat Committee was top-notch. Jamestown has great leadership in the General Assembly, including Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed and Representative Deb Ruggiero among others, and great citizens working at the grassroots level. You know who you are! We salute you!

The City of Newport: Newport was another great ally in this fight, recognizing early on that economic development can only work here if it is consistent with our values and respects the Bay and all who enjoy it.

The Fall River Coalition for Responsible LNG siting: Joe Carvalho, Gordon Carrolton, Everett Pearson, and everyone there: You were the heart and soul of Fall River. You gave everything, and served on the front lines of this with relentless committment and energy. Fantastic job!

Save Bristol Harbor: You are an amazing and highly effective group. This outcome proves that. It was really great getting to work with you on this, and I know we will continue to work closely together into the future.

Kickemuit River Watershed Council: Ann Morrill, Linda Brunini, and the rest of you are awesome! You never let us take our eye off the ball. Thanks and congratulations!

The Congress Of Councils: Dick Lynn and the organizers of the Congress did a great job keeping this issue in the public's eye and demanding hard facts and top-level research. Yours was another great example of how citizens can affect public policy.

Jamestown Working Group: Ellen Winsor and the rest of the group, you have always been our strong allies and we appreciate your work and your support. Well-done!

The Taunton River Coalition and the Wild and Scenic Rivers folks: This is a big win for the Taunton. Thanks for your vision for that great river, and for all the help and support on this over the years.

The Rhode Island Marine Trades Association: RIMTA knows that this LNG project would have been bad for business. Thanks for taking a courageous stand against this ill-conceived project.

Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association: Thanks to Steve Medeiros and the other great anglers who stood up to fight this. You guys are the best!

I know I have overlooked many important players in this message. I cannot overstate the value of what each and every one of you contributed to this. Your support, encouragement, and action really made a difference. If it were not for you, we might be looking at a very different outcome.

It was truly a privilege to work with all of you on this! Thank you. -JT


  1. Thank you John, and thanks for patiently talking about this issue with my students many times over these years! Glad it's over and done (at least, so we hope!).

    -- Mary

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Dear John,

    Speaking as the founder of the Jamestown-based LNG Working Group, I would like to express my appreciation to SAVE THE BAY for its dedicated efforts to track and parry the many attempts by Hess to force its proposed project into our Bay. I would also like to thank the members of the LNG Working Group for researching and writing the Coastal Communities Anti-LNG Resolution. The resolution was completed with Gordon Carrolton who served as our liaison to the Coalition of Responsible Siting of LNG, which was just one of the many well organized groups that assisted the Working Group in our efforts. Our team was aided by Kickemuit River Council member Linda Brunini-Formica; Joe Arruda, president of Save Bristol Harbor; and White Eagle Deer Michael Weeden, president of the Wampanoag Nation’s Pokanoket Tribe. I would also like to express my appreciation for the signatories of the Coastal Communities Anti-LNG Resolution; specifically, Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Warren, Jamestown, North Kingstown, East Greenwich, Warwick, Cranston, Bristol, Barrington, Block Island, Fall River and Somerset MA, along with the Pokanoket tribe of the Wampanoag Nation of Bristol and Fall River, former RI Governor Carcieri, then-gubernatorial candidates Chafee, Caprio, Robitaille and Block, RISC (the largest taxpayers organization in RI), the Taxpayers Association of Jamestown and the RI League of Cities and Towns. I care to acknowledge the support of Joe Carvahlo, president of “The Coalition”, and Ann Morrill, of the Kickemuit River Council, and also salute them as recipients of SAVE THE BAY’s Alison Walsh Award, in 2011 and 2009 respectively, for being strong “fighters for the environment and local community.” To all the individuals, organizations, newspapers and communities which joined our effort to establish a united front in this long battle against the LNG project, we say, “Thank you!”

    Ellen Winsor
    Founder LNG WG 2009
    Jamestown Town Council
    2009 - 2012